🏠 » MEN’S MENTAL HEALTH: Arogi Trauma Care Foundation Mental Health Outreach At The Force Of Grace Ministry

MEN’S MENTAL HEALTH: Arogi Trauma Care Foundation Mental Health Outreach At The Force Of Grace Ministry


At the Mens’ Conference themed “Iron Sharpeth Iron,” organized by Pastor Cj of Force of Grace Ministry, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria, Mr. Odunsanya Adedeji, a clinical psychologist working with Arogi Trauma Care Foundation, emphasized the misconception that men are unshakable in the face of life’s challenges. He spoke on “Men’s Mental Health,” highlighting its importance in family, role modeling, community impact, and economic productivity. “In this world we as men have always being perceived to be unshakable in the face of life’s trials and challenges such as stress, financial challenges, depression and anxiety which are considered to be the demons we face as men”, these were the words of Mr Odunsanya Adedeji.


Clinical Psychologist, Odunsanya Adedeji, speaking on Men’s Mental Health

Mr. Odunsanya identified factors negatively affecting men’s mental health, including substance abuse, loneliness, anxiety, and work-related issues.

Also speaking at the Conference was Mr Adeleke Taiwo, a seasoned psychologist with  Arogi Trauma Care Foundation. He discussed strategies for optimizing mental health, such as awareness, mutual support, advocacy, seeking professional help, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, building positive networks, setting achievable goals, and managing stress through breathing and mindfulness exercises.

Clinical Psychologist, Adeleke Taiwo addressing the men on the strategies for optimizing one’s mental health

During the conference, men engaged with the psychologists, expressing challenges and receiving satisfactory answers and solutions. The societal expectation for men to appear strong even in the face of emotional challenges was challenged, emphasizing the need for men to express emotional pain to prevent trauma.

An invited guest, Pastor Bolaji asking a question relating to coping mechanisms for a stable mental health
A man from the congregation practicing mindfulness exercise
Seeking answers on how to get urgent solutions in times answers to prayers delay
Enquiring better ways of handling emotions aside crying
A man seeking answers on how to conquer stigmatization in the society
Enquires to know the sources of mental health and how to deal with it
A gentle man seeking answers on how to get mental assessment


Arogi Trauma Care Foundation Clinical Psychologists, Mr Odunsaya Adedeji (left), Mr Taiwo Adeleke (right) answering questions from the audience

The mental health talk encourages all men to speak up about life’s challenges and emotional struggles. Pastor Cj and his amiable wife expressed joy and appreciation for the successful, impactful, and insightful presentation by the Arogi team of psychologists.

Senior Pastor and Convener of the Conference, Pastor Cj
Wife of the Senior Pastor
Cross section of the congregation
Men of the Force of Grace Ministry paying rapt attention


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