Monday Motivation-Episode 15

You are allowed to copy the process of others to impact your success, to focus on copying the identity of others could lead to depression or worse. Dr Rukayyah Abiola […]

Monday Motivation- Episode 14

Our thoughts are so powerful but the good news is you have control over them. Being mindful and proactive is the key to creating or strengthening thoughts that support your […]

Monday Motivation- Episode 13

Focus on what you can control and you will experience wellness, peace, success and greatnesss. Dr Rukayyah Abiola -Clinical Psychologist Arogi Trauma Care Foundation Dr Rukkayyah Abiola

Monday Motivation- Episode 12

Paying attention to here and now activates the energy you need to maintain the inner balance that you require to feel healthy in your mind and body. Dr Rukayyah Abiola […]

Monday Motivation- Episode11

The world is exactly as you think of it. If I were you, I would make my thoughts as pleasant as I want the world to appear to me. The […]

Monday Motivation- Episode 9

Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be lead by the dreams in your heart. -Roy T Bennett, Author- The Light In The Heart Arogi Foundation

Monday Motivation- Episode 8

Whatever you desire think it, believe it, say it, work towards it and you will have it. Don’t just take care take charge. -Frederick Abiola Cudjoe, Arogi Trauma Care Foundation […]

Monday Motivation- Episode 7

To grow , you must let go of some habits that no longer serve. –Dr Rukkayyah Abiola, Clinical Psychologist -Arogi Trauma Care Foundation The most difficult sickness to detect and […]

Monday Motivation- Episode 6

When you think it, you feel it and then you reflect on it. Do yourself a favour of thinking what you will like to feel, reflect and act upon. – […]

Monday Motivation- Episode 5

Every night before going to sleep, we must ask ourselves: what weakness did I overcome today? What virtue did I acquire? – Seneca, Spanish Philosopher The process of achieving a […]

Monday Motivation- Episode 5

Emotions exist to reveal your physiological or psychological needs. They play important roles. They become source of pain when we ignore their signals / messages – Dr Rukkayyah Abiola – […]

Monday Motivation – Episode 4

This world will not attain perfection until women assume their rightful position. If you are a husband and you don’t strive towards helping your wife to harness her potentials you […]
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