Are you passionate about helping people live a happy and fulfilling life before, during, and after trauma? Are you passionate about providing support to those going through any form of emotional trauma? If yes, then Arogi is looking for you. Join our team of volunteers in making the world a better place.

Who We Are

We are a team of passionate, well trained, experienced, confidential, highly skilled, empathic and kind individuals who are geared towards helping others live a happy and fulfilling life during and after trauma by providing free therapy and counselling services.


Tiers Tier 1: Social media volunteers.

Roles: Follow Arogi on all our social media pages, repost, share, and promote company’s event, activities, and post on your social media page.

Tier 2: Skills volunteers

Skills/Roles: content creators, copy writers, graphic designers, photographers, video-graphers.

Tier 3: Outreach program volunteers

Roles: Join Arogi team for various outreach programs like street awareness, school outreaches, and fundraising campaigns. Assist with distribution of handbills, stickers, and other campaign materials.

Please take note that this is not a paid role.


  1. Fulfilment that comes from providing support to those going through any form of emotional trauma.
  2. Joining a social cause to make the world a better place.
  3. Be a part of a team of volunteers and meet new people.
  4. Work experience to add to your CV.
  5. Strengthen your skillset and gain new skills.
  6. Volunteer certificate for active volunteers after a period of time.


If you are interested in applying for this roles, kindly fill the form below: