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Arogi Trauma Care Foundation (ATCF) is like the silver lining in a dark cloud, making free counselling and therapy accessible to traumatised individuals, bringing healing to those who are hurting and helping people lift up burdens of pain, transforming lives besieged with pain and suffering into lives filled with joy and fulfilment. We are a team of passionate, well trained, experienced, confidential, highly skilled, empathic and kind individuals who are geared towards helping others live a happy and fulfilling life during and after trauma.

Arogi provide the public with a dedicated Toll-Free line (080011002200) so as to help them be able to access free counseling and psychotherapy. Individuals experiencing emotional trauma can call our toll free line to speak with a therapist who provides session at an average of 30 minutes to 1 hour.

A caller may be recommended for further Toll-Free sessions or for physical therapy depending on the severity of the situation.

The call sessions are operated under strict confidential clause with Governance and control measures in place. Physical therapy and counselling will take place in our secured, safe, confidential office location.

In addition, Arogi give counsel on issues bothering on financial challenges, career adjustment, toward helping you adjust better to life challenges.

We hold annual Arogi Conferences where experts services are deployed toward enlightening the public on salient issues of life, challenges of different kinds and how they can possibly be navigated through. Our scope of operation occasion talk sessions through involvement with the media to sensitize the public on their mental health and opportunity to access free therapy services.

Free Therapy

We provide free psychotherapy and counselling through online dedicated toll-free line as well as physical counseling and psychotherapy.


We provide guidance on career path, financial issues, towards helping people adjust better to traumas as a result of career problems and loss of means of livelihood.


We hold talk sessions through harnessing the power of social media such as radios, television, newspapers, as well as online social networks to sensitize the people on their mental health.


We hold annually Arogi Conference where experts are invited to enlighten the world on the salient issues of life, challenges of different kinds and how they can possibly be navigated through.


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