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Why you should see a therapist

Many individuals regardless of the distress they are suffering refuse to see a therapist or mental health professional, some individuals dread the thought of seeing a therapist while others do not just see a reason to see one, besides they are self-sufficient and do not need any individual to come and sit them down and be speaking grammar to them. Well, below are a few reasons that discourage many individuals from seeing a therapist.


  • They are unable to understand what exactly therapy and other psychological interventions entail.
  • They are unable to understand when and why they should visit a therapist. It implies that only a few people are aware of the therapists’ services, and it seems even fewer people understand their own needs for the services that the mental health experts provide.

There is an obvious need to clarify or provide enlightenment on the roles of therapists, as there are many misconceptions about what they do. A therapist, psychotherapist or psychologist is a person skilled in assessing and treating psychological problems. This definition describes the work of a therapist but also knocks their duties to just one side of the scale.

Therapists do not only focus on problems, they also focus on behaviours and outcomes of behaviours. Now, behaviours can be positive and negative depending on the motive and outcome. Hence, this indicates that as much as therapists have the skills to address problems, they also have the skills to foster positive outcomes. 

So, a therapist may help an individual struggling with problems of drug addiction and may also help an individual maintain a high level of performance at work. Thus, therapy is not only about treating addictions, psychosis and anxiety, it is also about fostering positive traits such as optimal performance, love and social cohesiveness. Successful therapy must fortify you with the skills and resilience you need to enhance and maintain a healthier mental health state.  

Quite naturally, many individuals focus on problems in response to the instinctual need for survival. However, there is no denying that life presents every individual with numerous challenges, such as:

  • Loss of employment
  • Loss of properties
  • Death of a loved one
  • Injuries
  • Accidents
  • Illness
  • Divorce/separation

While going through any of the above phases of life, you will need as much succour as possible. You may experience emotional discomfort that creates a need for a therapist.

Therapists offer their services with empathy. They make as much room to understand your situation and also help you to assess the problems with objectivity and reason. Therapists know that individuals are prone to make poor judgments and decisions during difficult situations, therefore, they help you through this period. They equip you with skills that enable you to make informed decisions that can lead to productive outcomes.

Sometimes, people get carried away when they have optimum health and ignore the need to see health practitioners. The twist with therapy is that it is necessary to participate even for the “feel-good” benefits because mental health and well-being are interrelated and exist on a continuum. If you are doing great on your job or a project but looking for a way of improving and getting better results, therapy is still your best bet.

With the misconceptions out of the way, there are a million reasons to see a therapist. At Arogi Trauma Care Foundation, we provide psychotherapy for psychological well-being. We are intentional about putting your wellness at the fore. 

Our team of skilled clinical psychologists is accessible to walk you through any form of emotional distress and ensure you function at your best. What is more? Our services are free. You can contact us on our toll-free line at 080011002200.

Arogi Trauma Care Foundation is a place of succour. We are excited to help you attain a sense of relief, peace and sound well-being because you deserve it, and your growth depends on it.

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