• Trauma can shake us to our core, leaving us feeling shattered and overwhelmed. Healing is just a call away!

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  • Healing from trauma is not an overnight process. It requires patience, self-compassion, and a commitment to your well-being.

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  • You will encounter ups and downs in your recovery journey, but each step forward brings you closer to relief and a renewed hope. We can walk you through …

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  • With the right guidance and support, you can begin your journey toward healing. Therapists, counselors, and support groups exist to provide a safe space where you can share your experiences

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  • It takes courage to face your pain head-on and reach out for support. Remember, seeking help is not a sign of weakness, but rather a testament to your strength and determination to heal.

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  • It takes courage to face your pain head-on and reach out for support. Remember, seeking help is not a sign of weakness, but rather a testament to your strength and determination to heal.

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  • Amidst the pain, there is a glimmer of hope. You are not alone, and there is relief awaiting you if you are willing to seek help.

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Who We Are

Arogi Trauma Care Foundation (ATCF) is like the silver lining in a dark cloud, making free counselling and therapy accessible to traumatised individuals, bringing healing to those who are hurting and helping people lift up burdens of pain, transforming lives besieged with pain and suffering into lives filled with joy and fulfilment. We are a team of passionate, well trained, experienced, confidential, highly skilled, empathic and kind individuals who are geared towards helping others live a happy and fulfilling life during and after trauma.

… a Place of Succor

Our Involvement

we create awareness about mental health, conduct talk sessions that utilize various media platforms, including radios, television, newspapers, and online social networks. Through these channels, we sensitize individuals about the importance of mental well-being and provide valuable information to the public.

Our organization offers free counseling and therapy services to individuals dealing with emotional and psychological traumas. We provide these services through a dedicated toll-free hotline and in-person counseling sessions. Our team of professionals delivers psychotherapy and counseling both online and at our physical locations.

Through counselling we provide guidance on career path, financial issues, towards helping people adjust better to traumas as a result of career problems and loss of means of livelihood.

Why Not Join Us?

You can partner with us to give hope to the hopeless. When you join our team of volunteers, making the world a better place get easier. What are you waiting for? Join Now!

Weekly Article Release

Dive into diverse mental health topics weekly. Empower yourself with knowledge and support. Join us in the journey to mental wellness
Relationship Trauma

Explore profound insights into relationship trauma. Join us weekly to heal, grow, and navigate relationships with resilience and understanding

Drug Addiction & Trauma

Join us to unravel the intersection of drug addiction and trauma, gain insights and support. Join us in breaking the cycles and fostering healing

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Monday Motivation (6)

"In times of pain, when the future is too terrifying to contemplate and the past too painful to remember, I have learned to pay attention to right now. The precise moment I was in was always the only safe place for me.”

Julia Cameron | Artist, Poet, Playwright, ...

Encouragement Vitamins (3)

“Embrace your mistakes and let them guide you towards growth, remember the lesser mistakes you make shows your level of mastery. Mistakes therefore reveal your efforts towards your goals”

Abiola Rukayyah | Clinical Psychologist

Relationship Advice (1)

“In marriage, it is not merely having the knowledge of your partners financial worth that matters, but the understanding of where his or her heart carries its burdens.”

Odusanya Adedeji | Clinical Psychologist

Our Dos & Don’ts


  • We provide confidential and stigma-free counseling services.
  • Promote awareness and education on mental health issues.
  • Collaborate and partner with other healthcare professionals and organizations.
  • Create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all individuals seeking help.


  • We are not a charity organization; hence, we don’t offer financial or monetary aid; rather, our main focus is on mental health support.
  • We don’t do relationship matchmaking.
  • We are not religious or ethnic based entity.
  • We attend to marital challenges but we don’t entertain unnecessary call request on client behalf to their partner in a relationship issues.

Our Partners

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Sometimes self-assessment may be the starting point. Why not take advantage of our online self-assessment to understand yourself better? [Click To Assessment].

Free Therapy?

We are delighted to inform you that our counseling and psychotherapy sessions are offered for FREE. However, it is important to acknowledge that this gesture is made possible through the contributions of our valued donors. In other words, our FREE treatment has a paid source. As an NGO, we remain reliant on donors for our activities; hence, we maintain our commitment to accountability and transparency in all our endeavors. Therefore, to ensure the efficacy and ethical conduct of our therapy sessions, we kindly request adherence to the following conditions if you would like to access this FREE service.


  • Helping people out of trauma is a first class selfless service. This is indeed worthy of note.

    Adeyemo Adeola Avatar Adeyemo Adeola
  • Best Facility. Thank you Arogi.

    Amarachi Chukwu Avatar Amarachi Chukwu
  • This free mental health provider NGO has been a lifeline. Your compassionate support and resources have truly made a positive impact on the well-being of many. Grateful for your dedication... read more

    Oh My Gossip Avatar Oh My Gossip
  • I love what you guys are doing. To think that you guys are offering this mental health services for free speaks so much about your genuine passion and love for... read more

    Busayo Adelowo Avatar Busayo Adelowo
  • I came across Arogi foundation on nairaland while seeking therapy for my relationship. I had 4 impressive therapy sessions and I was able to achieve my goal by the end... read more

    Foreverzeez Avatar Foreverzeez
  • Miss rukkaya is very very good. I love her.

    saira khan Avatar saira khan
  • It was worth it

    Angela Andrew Avatar Angela Andrew
  • Arogi foundation is fantastic it's a sure place to be, nice ambience, top notch professionals ,I really trust what they do trust them and the process

    Violet Onyekachi Avatar Violet Onyekachi
  • It still feels like a dream that my sister got mental health service for free in Nigeria. She had depressive symptoms, now it's in the past. You guys are doing... read more

    Zulaihat Ibrahim Avatar Zulaihat Ibrahim
  • I especially admire this foundation for their outreaches and road walks. You are creating resounding positive effects in the community. Keep it up guys!

    ProInSafe Organization Avatar ProInSafe Organization

Support Group

You may need to build a support network in order to help you navigate your recovery. Arogi Online Support Group is here to serve you in that regard.

Arogi Student Club

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