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Introducing Arogi Student Club

Arogi Student Club (ASC) serves as a campus extension of the Arogi Trauma Care Foundation (ATCF) founded by Dr Otis Ojeikhoa. Established in response to the increasing demand to enhance mental health support for tertiary institution students, ASC operates as a campus club, mirroring the organizational structure of existing groups like Junior Chambers International (JCI) and Union of Campus Journalists (UCJ) within university campuses. Membership in ASC is characterized by a voluntary and altruistic commitment, driven by a genuine love and passion for humanity.

The Arogi Student Club was inaugurated on November 17th 2023 with 27 students at Nasarawa State University, Keffi, Nasarawa State (NSUK). ATCF has forged partnerships with various campus counseling departments to collaboratively address the prevalent mental health challenges affecting students.

As initiatives driving capacity building in mental health, ASCs in their capacity are to collaborate with the Counseling Unit of their respective campuses. This involves conducting occasional mini-outreaches on campus or through social media. ASCs are also tasked with identifying peers facing emotional challenges, referring them to campus resources via our partnered University Counseling Department, or suggesting psychotherapy through our toll-free telephonic counseling services. Consequently, an online platform, most likely Whatsapp, will be created for the members and the University Counselling head to accommodate mentoring and further engagement to maintain this synergy.

Similar to other student organizations or clubs on campus, ASC is expected to organize its programs and actively seek funding or sponsorship, with the option of support from ATCF if requested. This reciprocal engagement follows a win-win approach, where ATCF commits to mentoring student members for their self-development, being benefits of their altruistic endeavors. This involvement also entails ongoing mental health campaign protocol training, particularly for students in counseling, psychology, or social work departments, preparing them for challenges beyond their academic journey. Arogi’s leadership is dedicated to fostering continuous engagement with student volunteers, contributing to their holistic growth and readiness for post-graduation endeavors.

While ATCF operates as an NGO, it is essential to clarify that ASCs are not intended as a revenue-generating venture or initiative for ATCF. The foundation remains reliant on donors for its activities and will steadfastly continue to uphold this reliance as a non-profit organization. Further, ATCF will continue to count on the discretion and support of our esteemed campus partner, the University Counseling Unit, for the continued evolution and normal operation of ASC on campus.

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Is Your School connected to the Arogi Trauma Care Foundation?

So far, Nasarawa State is connected to the Arogi Trauma Care Foundation. If you have a passion for humanity and you would like us to keep you posted once this beautiful initiative is extended to your institution, you can fill out the expression of interest form below:

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