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“You remain on the right path of success when you choose to be yourself. Choosing, wishing or comparing, yourself to be someone else is the citadel of unfulfillment. Just be yourself”.


Frederick Abiola-Cudjoe, Arogi Trauma Care Foundation

Staying true to oneself is crucial for achieving success. It suggests that authenticity is a key component of personal and professional growth, and success is more likely when one embraces their true identity.

The quote warns against the pitfalls of trying to emulate or compare oneself to others. The term “citadel of unfulfillment” suggests that attempting to be someone else can lead to a fortress of dissatisfaction and unfulfilled potential. It highlights the idea that true fulfillment comes from embracing one’s own identity and path. Learn to embrace who they are, without the need to imitate others. Being authentic, according to the quote, is the key to fulfillment and success.

In summary, the quote advocates for authenticity, discourages comparisons with others, and emphasizes that success is most attainable when individuals remain true to themselves. It carries the message that fulfillment and achievement come from embracing one’s unique identity rather than trying to conform to someone else’s standards or expectations.




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