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Making Your 2024 Count!

Counting down into 2024 is over now, it is time to make 2024 count for you. Set your goals, achieve your dreams, take practical steps, be intentional about fulfilment. For 2024 to count for you, make up your mind to be successful. It requires having a positive mind set despite the harsh conditions all over the place. There are certain habits to adapt into your life to be achievable this year.


1.Have a mental vivid picture on how positive you want this year to work for you.


2.Set specific, realistic and achievable goals.


3.Break goals to smaller, manageable steps.


4.Have and maintain a positive mindset.


5.Never give up, be discouraged or back down.


6.Ensure your mental health is good, sane and positive.


7.Always embrace positive energy.


8.Celebrate big wins.


9.Avoid people, places, materials and things that exhume bad energy.


10.Regularly track your progress by documenting it. Record your tasks and milestones and use a planner to help track your progress.


As you venture into 2024, the team of Arogi Trauma Care Foundation led by our President, Dr Otis Ojeikhoa wishes all our dear readers a happy fabulous, fantastic and fulfilling new year.

Arogi Trauma Care Foundation (ATCF) is like the silver lining in a dark cloud, making free counselling and therapy accessible to traumatized individuals, bringing healing to those who are hurting and helping people lift up burdens of pain, transforming lives besieged with pain and suffering into lives filled with joy and fulfilment. We are a team of passionate, well trained, experienced, confidential, highly skilled, empathic and kind individuals who are geared towards helping others live a happy and fulfilling life during and after trauma.

Frederick Abiola-Cudjoe

Frederick Abiola Cudjoe is a blogger, content creator who is in service to Arogi Trauma Care Foundation. He is solution driven and result oriented. He has a strong passion to always make clients have the best customer service experience.


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