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ENCOURAGEMENT VITAMINS- Have Zero Judgement On Your Emotions

“Don’t dare judge your emotions but trust the One that has brought you this far. Today is gonna be fulfilling for you”- Rukayyah Abdulrahman- Clinical Psychologist


Never  criticize or condemn your own emotions. Emotions are natural and often complex reactions to various situations. Instead of being hard on yourself for feeling a certain way, the quote suggests a more accepting and compassionate approach towards your own emotional experiences.

Rather than worrying about your current state or being too hard on yourself or feeling and wallowing in guilt, trust and believe God who has guided you through your life’s journey up to this point. Have faith in the path you’ve taken and the experiences you’ve had. Even though you may not fully understand why things have unfolded as they have, there is a greater plan at work. Always have a positive outlook for the present day despite any uncertainties or challenges you might face and all will be well.

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