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Dealing With The Social Media Scourge- Exposed By Arogi Trauma Care Foundation

It’s great to hear that the foundation had a successful and impactful outreach program at the school on March 9th, 2023. The team’s efforts to sensitize the students on the meaning of mental health, the different social media platforms, and the benefits and harms of too much exposure to social media are commendable.


The interactive and engaging nature of the session, as well as the Q&A and words of encouragement that followed, must have helped the students gain a deeper understanding of the topic. It’s also impressive that 210 JSS 2 students from the junior school and 147 from the senior school attended the session, indicating the relevance of the topic to the students.

The team included Dr Oluwaseun Ogundoyin, Dr Omolola Yekeen , Mr Edmond Ighedo and Mrs Joy Edokpa.

Dr Omolola Yekeen addressing the students

The Outreach kicked off at 11:35am and ended by 1:20pm.

The sensitization program, with the theme “Turning the Scourge of Social Media Exposure into Healthy Mental and Psychological Well-being” was facilitated by Dr Oluwaseun Ogundoyin for the senior school and Dr Omolola Yekeen for the Junior school.

A student explaining what she knows about positive uses of social media

The distribution of posters to teachers and the commendation from the Principal further attest to the success of the program. Overall, kudos to the team for their efforts towards promoting healthy mental and psychological well-being among students.

A cross section of the junior students

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