Arogi Trauma Care Foundation proudly facilitated a fruitful interaction with incoming students at the University of Lagos on January 29, 2024. As an integral component of the week-long orientation program, we orchestrated a comprehensive campus tour coupled with a campaign addressing drug abuse and related vices. This initiative encompassed enlightening orientation lectures, exemplifying our collaboration with the Counseling Unit of the Student Affairs Division at the University of Lagos, Akoka.


Commencing precisely at 10 a.m. from the frontage of the distinguished J.F. Ade Ajayi Auditorium, our meticulously guided campus tour provided a platform to impart crucial insights on mental health to the student body and campus community. Tailored specifically for freshmen, we highlighted the unique mental health risk factors prevalent on campus. This immersive experience also served as an opportunity to strategically place our branded stickers in key locations, accompanied by the distribution of information cards detailing how our services can be accessed.

Group of UNILAG freshers on the UNILAG Campus tour
Some Arogi Team members with UNILAG Freshers
UNILAG Freshers paying attention to Mental health talk
Some Unilag freshers participating in the tour exercise
Team Leader, Arogi Trauma Care Foundation, Dr Odusanya engaging the Unilag freshers on Mental Health during the Unilag campus tour.

Following the impactful campus tour, a dynamic presentation unfolded at the University Multipurpose Hall. Attendees, including students and esteemed dignitaries, were enlightened on the theme, “Navigating University Life: Understanding The Risks for New Students.” The discourse delved into the intricacies of being a newcomer on campus, emphasizing the threefold challenges of Pressure, Pleasure, and Risk (P²R). Heightening awareness of these dynamics, we equipped students with insights to effectively navigate campus life, concluding with empowering strategies to counteract the challenges they may encounter.

Team Arogi (L-R) Mrs Yekeen Kikelomo, Ms Gbadebo Adedoyin, Mr Adeleke
The listening audience
Adedeji Odunsanya, addressing the students on Ways to Cope with Challenges in the University Campus
Arogi Speaker, Clinical Psychologist, Adeleke Taiwo addressing the students on the Coping Mechanisms and Risks for new students..

The symposium served as an ideal occasion for expressing our gratitude to the Dean of Student Affairs for graciously embracing Arogi Trauma Care Foundation as the official partner to the University Counseling Department. We acknowledged his positive energy and profound insights, integral to actualizing the essence of this partnership. Dr. Adeleke Taiwo and Dr. Odusanya Adedeji delivered the keynote address, bolstered by the unwavering support of our dedicated team members and volunteers. Notably, courtesy of Brands Optimal, Arogi contributed 20 cases of soft drinks and 20 cases of water, enhancing the overall program experience.

Arogi Team (L-R) Edmond, Gift, Frederick, Precious, Chiamaka during the Arogi/Unilag Campus tour at the University of Lagos

We extend our sincere appreciation to the leadership of Arogi Trauma Care Foundation, led by Dr. Otis Ojeikhoa, as well as the esteemed members of the Board of Trustees, and all other stakeholders, including our dedicated team members.

Frederick Abiola-Cudjoe

Frederick Abiola Cudjoe is a blogger, content creator who is in service to Arogi Trauma Care Foundation. He is solution driven and result oriented. He has a strong passion to always make clients have the best customer service experience.

Adedeji Odusanya

Odusanya Adedeji A., is a Licensed & Certified Clinical Psychologist whose domain of expertise cuts across management of specific mental health issues such as, Depression, PTSD, Anxiety & Anxiety related disorders, Substance Use Disorder, etc


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