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The Impact of Love

It’s red balloons, lots of chocolates and the likes all over again. Love is in the air, but do we really understand the impact of love? Because if we do, one should come to the realization that it begins with ourselves. You can’t give what you don’t have, I mean, if you don’t truly love yourself, how can you really love someone else.


It’s important to practice self-love in order to understand how you want to be loved and by whom you want to be loved. Going through this process enables you to recognize red flags that help you choose better partners, eliminate the ones that don’t fit, and avoid stories that touch.

Don’t be caught up in the frenzy of valentine, it’s wonderful to have someone special to share that day with but do you really want to run back to that disrespectful relationship or jump into another one and end up going from fry pan to fire.

Take timeout to love yourself, discover the things that make you happy, and spend time doing them. Get to know you all over again, be your own valentine if you have to. Begin to celebrate you and discover the true impact of love.



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