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MONDAY MOTIVATION- How To Receive A Radical Positive Change

“Sometimes in order to create change you have to precipitate a crisis”Yekeen Omolola, Clinical Psychologist, Arogi Trauma Care Foundation


Change is the constant thing in life. Change can be positive or negative, good or bad. To effect a change one must push beyond his limits. This quote suggests that certain situations or problems can only be resolved or improved by first allowing them to reach a critical point or a crisis.

Change from a personal context, often requires a significant transformation in the current state of affairs. Change doesn’t always happen naturally; sometimes deliberate action is needed to initiate it. You may desire a positive change in your career, relationships, finances and mental health state but for that to take place sometimes you will need to cause something to happen suddenly or forcefully.  Sometimes the only way to bring about change is to allow a situation to escalate to the point of crisis. This can involve allowing problems or challenges to intensify to a degree that demands immediate attention and action.

In some cases, people or groups might resist change until they are faced with the urgency and severity of a crisis. The crisis serves as a catalyst for action, prompting individuals or organizations to address issues that might have been ignored or downplayed in the absence of such urgency.

The quote reflects the idea that sometimes people become more open to change when they recognize the seriousness of a situation, but it’s important to carefully consider the potential outcomes and alternatives before allowing a crisis to unfold.

Frederick Abiola-Cudjoe

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