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5 Mental Health-Improving Habits

Practice mindful living/self awareness:


This is the ability for you to have control over your own feelings, thoughts and behaviour. Enhancing self-awareness enables you to better understand your own emotions and those of other people around you. This gives you a healthy mind, reduces stress and helps you make better decisions. Maintain a routine where you have a ‘Me’ time set aside for self reflection and meditation.

Build strong relationships with others:

This is a very crucial part of human life. Connecting and interacting with people helps to significantly minimize loneliness, makes it a lot easier to ask for help and get emotional support. Do a routine check on your friends and loved ones, through physical meetings, calls and text.

Cultivate a thankful attitude:

This is an excellent way to develop a happy life. Being thankful for life and the little things gives you a positive attitude to life and situations. Even in the bad times, maintaining a cheerful lifestyle is beneficial to your mental health.

Maintain a healthy diet:

Did you know that eating a healthy and highly nutritional diet can improve your mental well being? Consider incorporating a balanced meal into your regular diet to provide you with the essential nutrients. Replace sugary and fried meals with vegetables, fruits, salad and more healthier meals.


This has proven to help reduce stress significantly. When you exercise, happy hormones such as dopamine and endorphins are released to the system. This increases the level of oxygen supplied to the brain and in turn improves self confidence and self esteem.

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