Sacrifices in a relationship
🏠 » The Sacrifices in Relationships – An Introduction

The Sacrifices in Relationships – An Introduction

“Love your neighbour as you love yourself”, (Matthew 22:39). This was written in the most widely read book in the whole world known as the bible. Tell me, is it possible to love your neighbour just the way you love yourself, yes it is possible but it can only happen by the sacrifices we make because in reality and by human standards humans are wired to please themselves better than pleasing others.


Take for instance, you had a stressful and frustrating unfulfilling day, you have had no food all day only for you to stop by at a restaurant to get some food with the last money on you as you were unable to use the ATM because it was late and then you get home and without settling down or taking a shower you pounce on your meal because you were so famished and as you were about to devour it you get a knock at your door.. In your hungry state you reluctantly reached for your door only to find your next door neighbour standing at your door requesting for food because he has had nothing to eat all day. Tell me, comparing your current state of hunger and his, will you give him your last and only meal and then starve all night? This is were sacrifice comes in. If you give your meal to him then you are in accordance with the bible verse of “love your neighbour has you love yourself” because for you to go that extra mile, you imagined yourself in his situation and had compassion on him. That is sacrifice. This scenario is applicable in our relationships with people on a daily basis. How much do you love him, how much do you love her? how much do you love each other. This can only be proven by the level of sacrifice you make towards each other.

For the next few weeks the Arogi team will be inspiring our readers on “THE SACRIFICES IN RELATIONSHIPS” because this has being a dominant deficient factor in many relationships thereby breaking homes and causing the once unadulterated love among couples to be diluted or expired.

At Arogi we are strategic at improving healthy relationships among people, loved ones and the society. Don’t miss this series because as you follow us and explore with us on this important sensitive topic while taking practical steps, it will transform the way you live your life and how you treat people.

Our next week episode will take this series on a deeper level but prior to that time, if you are experiencing any form of emotional or psychological trauma, kindly reach out to our team via our toll free line-, trust me you will be warmly, professionally and emphatically taken care of. Your confidentiality is of our utmost priority and paramount to us.

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