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Effective communication in relationships

This week on healthy relationship tips we would be looking at effective communication in relationships. Do you know that it is one thing to live with some one but yet another thing to communicate with the person. Cohabiting with the person you love and not having good communication with the person is futile.


It is possible to cohabit with someone and not communicate effectively. Poor communication among couples is the root cause of quarrels, wrong decision making and infidelity. It is safer to ask the right questions than basing on assumptions. It is safer to ask him “I was calling you an hour back but why were you not taking my calls”?than assume “oh he’s with another lady that’s why he’s not taking my calls”.

Healthy communication by asking the right questions, discussing an issue, compromise and constructive reasoning will go a long way to safe toxic relationships. Here are some healthy tips to communicate effectively with your partner.

  1. Communicate with your eyes, mouth and emotions.
  2. Discuss and trash out any misunderstandings as quick as possible.
  3. Be calm when the other person is furious.
  4. Ask the right questions and never base your facts on assumptions.
  5. Disagree to agree.
  6. Always say kind words to each other.
  7. End any argument or misunderstanding on a positive note.

Never allow the malice to be in control.

Stay positive and have a great weekend.

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