🏠 » Maiden Edition of the Force of Grace Women’s Conference

Maiden Edition of the Force of Grace Women’s Conference

It was an interesting time at the maiden edition of the Force of Grace Women’s conference.


The Conference held on Saturday Nov 26th, at the Church auditorium in Ikoyi. The Arogi Team, represented by Dr Ogundoyin, Rukayyah Abiola & Frederick Cudjoe, was present to sensitise the congregation on Depression, Self-Esteem, & Child/Infant Trauma.

Miss Rukayyah, who discussed Depression & Self-Esteem, began by appreciating the efforts of the church on how thoughtful they were to integrate conventional mental health-care into their spiritual practice.

She spoke about depression & how people can form resilience against severity of depression. In her words, “about seven million out of over 241 million Nigerians has depression. Depression is a persistent feeling of sadness, low energy, low self-esteem & self isolation. It is influenced by biological, social & mental factors. Dysfunctional thoughts as a result of rumination trigger depressive symptoms. The distorted thoughts activate unpleasant emotions & then lead to malfunctioning of some brain parts.” She subsequently described ways to prevent & alleviate depressive symptoms.

The next speaker, Dr Ogundoyin gave an in depth lecture on Child/ Infant Trauma. He explained how poor parenting skills lead to trauma & predispose children to drug addiction & social maladjustment. He also stated the preventive measures and solutions to help children who are already exposed to such trauma.

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