🏠 » The Analysis of Stress, Anger Management, Substance Use and Emotional Intelligence….ATCF Exposes.

The Analysis of Stress, Anger Management, Substance Use and Emotional Intelligence….ATCF Exposes.




The Police Behavioral Health Program created by Arogi Trauma Care Foundation to provide training for the Nigerian Police personnel in the Lagos State Police Command continued at the Ilupeju Police Divisional Headquarters in Lagos State, on 14th September, 2023. The program tagged, “Behavioral Health: An Essential Part of Personal and Professional Wellbeing” was presented to enlighten and educate the officers on how their behavioral health is essential to carrying out their daily tasks as officers.

Officers of the Nigerian Police with the ATCF Team

Mr Adeleke Taiwo of the Arogi Team, while presenting the lecture, touched on some topics that included: Stress, Anger Management, Substance use and Emotional Intelligence. He explained that stress is an inevitable challenge for police officers, therefore every police personnel should know how to manage stress. According to the seasoned psychologist, “stress sometimes come by the virtue of occupation one is into and it can come in the form of sleeplessness, anger, fear and anxiety”. He further explained practical measures by which officers can manage stress which include: practicing mindfulness exercise, having adequate sleep time and engaging in regular exercise.

Mr Adeleke Taiwo Doing His Presentation

The officers were also enlightened on how anger as an emotion can affect them while on the job and the importance of the need to control anger through following some anger management tips. In the words of Mr Adeleke, “Anger is a natural emotion that happens to everyone but when it is not checked, it becomes a big problem. You can control your anger through expressing your concerns, walking away during a heated argument, looking for possible solutions and laughing it off.’’ He further admonished the officers to practice emotional intelligence which is the ability to understand one’s emotions as well as the emotions of others while showing empathy.

An Interactive Session With The Officers
An Officer Asking a Question

The outreach program was interactive as some officers contributed during the lecture and expressed their appreciation for the knowledge gained.
We had Twenty-Eight Officers in attendance for the outreach program including the DPO, SP. Maltida Ngbaronye.

Team Arogi

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