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“No matter what happens in life, never give up on that “golden goal” you have resolved to achieve because if you give it up, you might regret it or never get tat chance again”.


Omolola Yekeen- Clinical Psychologist, Arogi Trauma Care Foundation

Persistence and determination is crucial  in pursuing a significant life goal. This quote emphasizes the importance of holding onto a meaningful, long-term goal, often referred to as a “golden goal.” It suggests that regardless of the challenges, setbacks, or unexpected events life may bring, you should remain committed to achieving this goal.

There are potential consequences of abandoning your goal. Never give up on something you truly aspire to achieve because it could lead to feelings of regret or the missed opportunity to ever pursue it again. Some goals are so precious and rare that letting them slip away could lead to lasting regret.

This is an encouraging reminder to stay focused on your dreams and ambitions, even when faced with adversity or doubt.  It encourages individuals to persevere, adapt to challenges, and keep striving for their “golden goal” in order to maximize their chances of realizing their aspirations.


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