🏠 » ATCF Creates Mental Health Awareness In Agege Pencinema

ATCF Creates Mental Health Awareness In Agege Pencinema

The Arogi Trauma Care Foundation conducted a successful and impactful mini outreach at Agege Pencinema and its environs. The outreach was held on Wednesday, 12th April,2023 and the team consisted of Mr. Taiwo Adeleke, Joy Edokpa, and two volunteers.


Dr Taiwo Adeleke addressing people on the importance of good mental health wellbeing…

The outreach began at 11:00 am and lasted for two hours. The team distributed flyers, pasted stickers on commercial buses and tricycles, and proclaimed the vision of the NGO.

An inquisitive young lady eager to know more about Arogi
Clinical Psychologist, Dr Adeleke and Arogi volunteer engaging an interested listener…

The commercial drivers were very supportive, taking some of the stickers and personally pasting them on their buses and kekes. The outreach had a great impact and the team made a difference.

Arogi Team member Mrs Joy Edokpa pasting our sticker on a commercial tricycle….
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