🏠 » 30 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Arogi Trauma Care Foundation- Pt 2

30 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Arogi Trauma Care Foundation- Pt 2

Arogi Trauma Care Foundation is a place of succor, providing succor to families, people facing emotional and psychological challenges and individuals who can’t navigate out of life’s challenges. Below are more interesting facts you should know about the foundation;


Fact No 16
The Lagos State Police Command of the Nigeria Police Force has partnered with Arogi Foundation to provide free mental health services for police personnel.

Team Arogi with the DPO at a Police Command in Oshodi

Fact No 17
Arogi runs the mental health clinic at the Police hospital, providing free weekly consultation, evaluation and treatment for officers and the general public.

Team Arogi with the DPO and some police officers at the Police division quarters in Illupeju, Lagos

Fact No 18
Arogi foundation conducts behavioral health campaigns across the Divisions in the Lagos State Police Command.

Some officers receiving a mental health lecture by Arogi Team members

Fact No 19
The Organisation has held outreach programmes at various in tertiary institutions within and outside Lagos State, which includes, University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba College of Technology, Federal University of Technology (FUTO), Nasarawa State University.

UNILAG Freshers on a tour during their Freshers Week
UNILAG freshers receiving a mental health talk at the Multipurpose Hall, University of Lagos
Clinical Psychologist, Adedeji Odusanya, talking to UNILAG fresh students


Clinical Psychologist, Adeleke Taiwo admonishing the Fresh Students of UNILAG
Team Arogi during the Mental Health walk at the University of Lagos Campus.

Zero Depression team in collaboration with Arogi Foundation during a mental health rally at the Federal University of Science and Technology Owerri (FUTO), Imo State

Zero Depression Team and Arogi Trauma Care Foundation joint collaboration to advocate for good mental health

Fact No 20
Arogi has made major impact on lives when invited to speak at workshops, programmes organized by various stakeholders such as the Nigeria Institute of Medical Research (NIMR)

Team Arogi: Mrs Yekeen Omolola, Mr Adedeji Odusanya, Frederick A Cudjoe and Mr Adeleke Taiwo in a group photo with the HOD, Clinical Sciences Dept Dr David Oladele (middle), Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) during a retreat programme at the Institute.

Fact No 21
The organisation has been invited to speak on mental health related issues in some churches like The Force of Grace Ministry, Ikoyi and Dunamis Prayer City Ministry in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Team Arogi with the Senior Pastor of the Force of Grace Ministry, Pastor CJ and wife during a conference at Ikoyi, Lagos

Fact No 22
On 16 November 2023, Arogi Student Club was birthed to extend the organisations outreach activities to touch and make impact on the lives of students. The club has presence in Nassarawa State University, Yaba College of Technology and University of Lagos Campuses.

Fact No 23
At Arogi Foundation we believe in saving lives that wallow in depression, heart break, emotional and psychological trauma.

Fact No 24
The Non for Profit organisation does not give grants or financial aid but was solely established to combat mental health challenges provide better healthy coping mechanisms for persons facing any form of trauma.

Fact No 25
Arogi Foundation, through her online platform to reach out to more people creates interesting conversations on her instagram live and twitter(X) space. You can follow us on instagram @arogifoundation and on X @arogifoundation.

Fact No 26

Arogi Trauma Care Foundation has a team of 45 Volunteers.

Fact No 27
The volunteers are actively involved in creating awareness of free mental health therapy. They are engaged in the organisation’s outreach programmes.

Arogi Volunteers, Ruth and Seyifunmi with Arogi Clinical Psychologist, Taiwo Adeleke during a mini outreach exercise.

Fact No 28
Arogi Volunteers function in different groups based on their skill set and expertise. The three volunteering groups are Outreach Volunteers, Skilled Volunteers and Social Media Volunteers.

Fact No 29
The Organisation is in need of more volunteers and there are benefits attached to volunteering. This includes receiving a volunteer certificate, recommendation letter, self development and opportunity for networking

Fact No 30
The Foundation has won two awards since its inception; Global Recognition Award for the impact and efforts of Arogi Trauma Care foundation.

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