There is a popular saying; “Tough times don’t last but tough people do”. Meaning that the ability to stay tougher over tough situations creates an edge to overcome. Life happens to everyone and therefore the strategy you use in dealing with life’s struggles differs from the next person. Life is a battle, life can be a struggle, life can be bitter but life can also be sweet. Life can be tough but life can also be smooth. There is no one that comes into this world whom at some point won’t experience life’s challenges. Therefore it is important to have the overcomers mind set and a fighting spirit to deal with these challenges we face on a daily basis.


The major reason why you should know these facts is solely for you to understand that these are natural occurrences in our everyday life, therefore you shouldn’t feel that you are alone in these struggles. It is also to prepare your mind against depression and to never make you give up in the battle of life.

Here are some 21 facts you should know about life’s challenges.

1.Challenges can be likened to a violent storm they come and go.
2.Life’s challenges can be likened to a tempest wind, it blows on everyone.
3.Running away from today’s trouble will not stop the one that comes tomorrow, stay and fight.
4.The moment you see your challenges and troubles as blessings in disguise your time of winning has began.
5.In the catastrophe of life avoid two groups of people, the pessimists and the discourager.
6.Meditation and mindfulness exercise are the key antidotes for survival.
7. A relaxed mind when faced with difficult times records a high level of success than a troubled mind.
8.Life’s challenges are spontaneous, they happen without effort, prior warning and premeditation.
9.Your mindset and response to chaotic and adversarial situations determines the outcome of that situation.
10.The way life’s challenges happens to you is never the same way it happens to another, we all experience life differently therefore never be quick to judge yourself.
11.One major lesson to learn in the school of adversity is to never give up.
12.Your Progress in life is the challenges you conquer minus the ones that conquer you.
13.Persistence, consistency and remaining hopeful in the journey of life is crucial in reaching the finishing line.
14.Life’s Challenges are inevitable from the cradle to the grave.
15.The Young and Old are not free from the struggles of life.
16.Navigating through the challenges of life requires the 3 D’s of Navigation-determination, desperation and discipline.
17.In every life a little bit of rain of tribulation and trouble falls. There is no trouble free life.
18.Life’s challenges cross across all sections of life be it marital, financial, mental, academical or physical.
19.When it comes to the challenges of life, your friends may be helpless or helpful.
20.The journey through life’s challenges can make you bitter or better.
21.When the challenges of life appear have and maintain the positive mindset to conquer and stand tall.

Frederick Abiola-Cudjoe

Frederick Abiola Cudjoe is a blogger, content creator who is in service to Arogi Trauma Care Foundation. He is solution driven and result oriented. He has a strong passion to always make clients have the best customer service experience.


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