🏠 » 30 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Arogi Trauma Care Foundation- Pt 1

30 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Arogi Trauma Care Foundation- Pt 1

When we talk of accessing free mental health services in Nigeria, it is a very rare service and very few people know that it can be accessed for free at Arogi Trauma Care Foundation. But with the creation of awareness through, social media campaigns, rallies, outreaches and social media engagements, Arogi Trauma Care Foundation has made people across the globe see the importance of a sound mental health well being and know how to access it freely. This article showcases the Foundations’ vision, mission, achievements and notable facts you should know about the foundation.


Here are thirty (30) interesting facts you should know about Arogi Trauma Care Foundation;

Fact No 1
Arogi Trauma Care was founded in Jan 2022 and began full operation from 1st April, 2022

Fact No 2
The Foundation his led by the President, Dr Otis Ojeikhoa and two Vice Presidents who are members of the board of trustees in the persons of Joy Amaka Tim-Ayoola and Adanna Anne Anyanwun

Dr Otis Ojeihkoa, President Arogi Trauma Care Foundation
Mrs Joy Amaka Tim-Ayoola, Vice President I, Arogi Trauma Care Foundation
Adanna Anne Anyanwun, Vice President II Arogi Trauma Care Foundation

Fact No 3
The organization has a team of certified clinical psychologist and therapist who deal with clients situation with confidentiality.

Mr Adedeji Odusanya, Team Lead Clinical Psychologist, Arogi Trauma Care Foundation
Mr Taiwo Adeleke, Clinical Psychologist, Arogi Trauma Care Foundation
Mrs Grace Babalola, Clinical Psychologist Arogi Trauma Care Foundation
Mrs Abimbola Omotosho, Clinical Psychologist Arogi Trauma Care Foundation

Fact No 4
These seasoned Psychologists and Therapists are well professional, articulate and detailed in providing solution to all mental health issues.

Fact No 5
Arogi is a Greek word that means “succor” which is what the organization stands for.

Fact No 6
The organizations mission is to provide succor in every life faced with mental and emotional challenges to their well being.

Fact No 7

At Arogi Foundation, the services are entirely free from accessing the toll free line to receiving physical or virtual therapy.

Fact No 8
Since the inception of the organization two years ago to date, Arogi has provided succor to individuals through physical and virtual free therapy with a total of 367 cases and 280 closed cases.

Fact No 9
It is worthy of note that the foundation is like a silver lining in a dark cloud making free counselling and therapy accessible to traumatized individuals, bringing healing to those who are hurting and helping people lift up burdens of pains and transforming lives besieged with suffering into lives filled with joy band fulfilment.

Fact No 10
It is important to know that Arogi is not just known in Nigeria alone but globally. We have a dynamic reach covering top 10 countries which are the United States, United Kingdom, Philippines, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, China, Kenya, Norway, India, e.t.c

Fact No 11
The organisation receives international calls from the United states, Canada, Pakistan and has provided free therapy for the callers.

Fact No 12
Digital creator, brand influencer and comedian Woli Arole is one of the notable celebrities working with Arogi Trauma Care Foundation to promote good mental health.

Fact No 13
The organisation has an online presence with followers on all our social media handles- facebook, linkedIn, Instagram and youtube.

Fact No 14
Arogi Foundation has conducted outreach programmes in public and private secondary schools in Lagos State to promote good mental health among students within the school space.

Team Arogi with some teachers and students of the Christ The King Int’l School Gbagada, Lagos, during a Mental Health talk with the students..
Team Arogi with a teacher and some students of a Govt Secondary school in Lagos..

Ms Adedoyin Gbadebo, a seasoned Psychologist with Arogi Foundation delivering a lecture to some students of a Govt Secondary School in Lagos

Fact No 15
The Foundation also extends her partnership with the Lagos Ministry of Health by conducting outreach programmes at the Lagos State Island Maternity were we speak to expectant and nursing mothers on how good mental health plays a major role in their mental health and that of their babies.

Team Arogi gifts expectant mothers of the Lagos Island Maternity Hospital, baby wipes and diapers in Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria
Group photograph with expectant mothers during Valentine’s day celebration.
Clinical Psychologist and therapist, Mrs Yekeen Omolola, educating the expectant mothers on the dangers of Postpartum depression.


Expectant mothers of the Lagos Island Maternity Hospital

We would conclude this topic next week as we uncover the remaining 15 interesting facts you should know about Arogi Trauma Care Foundation.

Frederick Abiola-Cudjoe

Frederick Abiola Cudjoe is a blogger, content creator who is in service to Arogi Trauma Care Foundation. He is solution driven and result oriented. He has a strong passion to always make clients have the best customer service experience.


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