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Monster in disguise

Never in my adulthood did I think I would be abused again. I always thought my sexual abuse ended as a child when I could not defend myself. I had learnt basic things about self-defence such as pepper spray, hitting the attacker in the private part, and avoiding certain places when outside at night.


On this particular day, I visited a family friend whose family and I have been friends for a long time. We grew up together but he was older by approximately six years. My primary place of assignment during the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) was in his town.  He told me to move in with him so he could take care of me like his younger sister and protect me from prying eyes. I declined and moved to the lodge that the Nigerian Christian Corper Fellowship (NCCF) provided. He came to visit me a few times and I introduced him to everyone as my big brother. I also visited him at his place and he did the same. This day was my fourth time visiting, I went to collect the foodstuff my mother sent through his mother to him for me to get. I had completed  packing the food and stayed to join him in the movie he was watching.

He came closer to me and started uttering sweet words. I was shocked and angry and so I rushed  to carry my items to leave for home. I moved to the door and realized the door was locked and the key was not there. It registered in my brain that I was in trouble. I started to beg and plead with him to open the door. I started crying and pleading but all my pleas fell on deaf ears. I began to struggle with him, I fought and cried simultaneously but he was so big I could not easily pull him off the way. After my strengths had failed me, I was compelled to surrender for him to have his way, but luckily his neighbour came to knock on his door for him to pay his NEPA bill. I ran and never looked back, I got to a particular spot and cried loudly. I imagined what would have happened if his neighbour’s knock did not interrupt.

It almost happened but ALMOST IS ALMOST AS TERRIBLE AS RAPE.Speak to a mental health professional or call to speak to one of our therapists at Arogi Trauma-Care Foundation if you have experienced any form of sexual abuse in the past, this will help to relieve the post-traumatic symptoms that usually come with such experiences.

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