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What Arogi Volunteers Stand To Benefit

  1. Self Development: This role will give you an opportunity to improve your innate potentials. It is an opportunity to improve on the job. In other words, you will be able to strengthen your skillset and gain new skills.
  2. Opportunity for volunteering: You will have the opportunity to volunteer and relish the fulfilment that comes from providing support to those going through any form of emotional trauma. Beyond that, this opportunity makes you part of a global team with a mission to make the world a better place. That is not all; Below are other benefits you stand to gain:
    Volunteer certificate: for active volunteers after a period of time we give certificate of participation. After 2 years, active and committed volunteer will be awarded a certificate of participation. For those that actively and committedly pushes further, at their 5 years their earlier certificate (Bearing 2 years participation) will be retrieved and replaced with 5 years attestation certificate of participation. You may as well prefer to upload your certificate to your Linkedin page, we will be more than willing to give our endorsement.
    Work Experience: Your volunteering role is akin to work experience. In essence, we will do due diligence towards making this count.
    Recommendation Letter: In as much as your participation as a volunteer is counted as work experience, we will be more than willing to recommend in writing our active and committed volunteers for related roles and positions as aligned with your volunteer tier membership (e.g., Outreach Volunteer)
    Online Presence: We will ensure that after an active and dedicated voluntary participation of 2 years, an online presence will be created for you via our official website. And in the event of attestation towards your role as a volunteer, the link to your page will be included. In addition, there will be a volunteer register wherein each name will link to members respective page and that can be verified from any part of the world.
  3. Opportunity for networking: You will be a part of a team of volunteers, professionals, and meet new people.
  4. Mentorship and coaching: We will mentor and coach you, albeit on self development for life adaptability skills. This benefit is delivered via online mediums. [Coming Soon].
  5. Free Online Resources via Arogi website [Coming Soon].
Arogi Foundation

Arogi Trauma Care Foundation (ATCF) is like the silver lining in a dark cloud, making free counselling and therapy accessible to traumatised individuals, bringing healing to those who are hurting and helping people lift up burdens of pain, Read More>>



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