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“The moment you start giving up, the day you stop pushing, the time your persistence power dies becomes the beginning of defeat towards life’s battles”.


Frederick A Cudjoe, Arogi Trauma Care Foundation

Giving up or surrendering is a critical point in the quote. It points to the beginning of a shift in attitude toward challenges. Actively pushing forward, making efforts, and striving toward goals is vital for overcoming obstacles. When this effort ceases, challenges may become more difficult to overcome.

Persistence power refers to the ability to endure and persist in the face of difficulties. When this persistence diminishes or fades away, it marks a crucial moment in facing life’s battles.

The quote concludes by stating that this moment of giving up and loss of persistence marks the commencement of defeat in life’s challenges. It emphasizes the idea that the battle is ongoing, and surrendering or abandoning perseverance can lead to unfavorable outcomes.

The significance of continuous effort, persistence, and a resilient mindset in overcoming life’s obstacles. It warns against the detrimental effects of giving up, suggesting that maintaining persistence is crucial for facing and triumphing over life’s battles.




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