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Bonding is the process by which individuals become emotionally attached to one another. It is that fire that keeps the love in a relationship burning. Bonding preserves the spark in a relationship and keeps it strong despite issues and misunderstandings. It is the oxygen that keeps the relationship alive.


There are times when lovers fall in love and fall out of love but bonding is what is needed to keep the love strong. Even in marriage bonding is super important because the love in most marriages start to fade when priorities are shifted, communication is disrupt and attentions are shifted from spouse to the children. Bonding helps to strike a balance between the love life of the couple and everyday challenges ranging from parenting, work and family. It serves as a shock absorber to cushion the effect due to life’s daily challenges in the family. It reminds couples how much they still love and cherish each other even when they unconsciously forget sometimes.

I got talking with a close friend of mine and what he told me warmed my heart. He just returned from a weekend getaway trip with his wife. They lodged at the Eko Hotel and Suites in Victoria Island. It was really fun because for the first time in a long while they went swimming, played games, had a beach outing, dinner outing and spent quality time gisting and laughing. He told me they bonded all over again and it was like their marriage was reborn. Sometimes when there are arguments, misunderstandings, fights and quarrels, all that is sometimes needed to avoid or resolve it is a lone quality time together. Bonding makes the relationship sweeter, better and healthier.This weekend go see a movie with the love of your life or you can do Netflix and chills at home together, take each other out on a date,spend quality time with each other, remind each other of the love and feelings you share,say kind and loving words, talk, laugh and play. This way of bonding will go a long way in saving  many cracks in relationships and build the couple up in love.

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