Sacrifices in a relationship
🏠 » The Sacrifices in Relationships – Part 2

The Sacrifices in Relationships – Part 2

Hard Facts About Sacrificial Love.

There was a politician who was well known and respected by many in the society but unknown to many some people wanted him dead. One night at his residence while conversing with his wife, some assassins broke in to kill him but luckily for him, he quickly eloped into the basement in the roof of the house but unfortunately his wife couldn’t make it. From the basement of the roof he watched while his wife was repeatedly ravaged and beaten. He couldn’t hold back anymore so he came down from the roof basement to protect his wife and give himself up since he was the one they were after. In a twinkle of an eye he got shot followed by his wife and that was it. So in defence for his wife he lost his life . This is the power of sacrificial love .



  1. You can’t give what you don’t have: One thing common among people in relationship is the “i can make it work syndrome”. Truth be told, you can make your relationship, marriage work but do you also know that for you to make it work you must give up something. If your partner is hot tempered and you are hot tempered then how can you make it work. You can’t dish out anger and violence and expect peace and calmness. You can’t be hot when your partner is hot, someone must choose to be different. Being different means you giving out love when he breeds hate, you giving out soothing words when he dishes out toxic words, you giving out kindness when he breeds cruelty, you giving out positivity when he dishes out negativity. Imagine if you don’t have all these positive energy just mentioned, then know for sure that you can never give them out and then the relationship may hit the rocks.
  2. Sacrifice is only sacrifice when you chose to displease your self to please your partner.
  3. The more you sacrifice in relationship the stronger the bond and love you share.
  4. There is no short cut to a healthy beautiful lasting relationships. The couples made up their mind to make it work.
  5. If you want to test your level of sacrifice in a relationship then consider these factors- compromise, forgiveness, trust, discomfort, generosity and endurance. If you fail in any of these then your sacrifice score is 0%.
  6. Love builds a relationship but sacrificial love maintains it.
  7. Telling someone “i love you” without practicing it is the highest form of deceit.
  8. Sacrifice implies putting your loved ones first before you when faced with life’s challenges.
  9. Sacrifice in relationships is 100% practical.
  10. Sow the seed of sacrifice today and reap the fruit of love, joy, peace, patience and kindness in your relationship and every day life.

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