The Sacrifices in Relationships – Part 2

Hard Facts About Sacrificial Love. There was a politician who was well known and respected by many in the society but unknown to many some people wanted him dead. One […]

The Sacrifices in Relationships – An Introduction

“Love your neighbour as you love yourself”, (Matthew 22:39). This was written in the most widely read book in the whole world known as the bible. Tell me, is it […]


Bonding is the process by which individuals become emotionally attached to one another. It is that fire that keeps the love in a relationship burning. Bonding preserves the spark in […]

Effective communication in relationships

This week on healthy relationship tips we would be looking at effective communication in relationships. Do you know that it is one thing to live with some one but yet […]

Ways To Cope With Your Unfaithful Partner in Marriage

Discovering that your partner has been cheating or unfaithful can run you over like a gigantic truck. Your marriage may be thrown into a state of disarray. Your curiosity to […]
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