Joy Amaka Tim-Ayoola

Joy Amaka Tim-Ayoola, an experienced sales and marketing professional, is the HOD in one of the world’s leading smartphone organizations. She sits on the leadership team for West Africa. A key part of her role involves giving consumers different ways to connect and the freedom to experience exactly what they want with smart devices. Personally, she loves to take pride in impacting the lives of those that are in need within her community.

Prior to her role, Joy Amaka was the Customer Marketing Manager West Africa at SC Johnson. She is also the 1st Vice President of Ikeja Vive La Paix Lions Clubs International (Lagos District 4048). Lions Clubs International is a non-profit organization that makes an impact and overcomes challenges within communities by providing services with respect to 5 global causes: Hunger, Vision, Diabetes, Environment and Childhood Cancer.

Joy Amaka has also worked at Unilever, Nigeria for over a decade. Her experience spanned across Sales, marketing, and operations. She started her career in 2007 in an IT capability building where she trained employees of multinational organizations on how to execute their day-to-day tasks with ease using office applications and database applications.

She has MIT from the University of Lagos and professional certificates from Microsoft & Oracle. Her strong passion for problem solving geared her to team up with friends who share similar interests to kick-off the Arogi Trauma Care Foundation. A foundation that helps people with emotional, psychological, and traumatic challenges, resulting from life issues and challenges. She currently sits as an executive board member of the Arogi Trauma Care Foundation. Joy Amaka is passionate about women creating positive and strong personalities in their societies. She believes that life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans and, with God, “Nothing Is Impossible.”